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Pretty Perfect Group's Business Services Division

The Business Services Division mobilises the Group’s unique skills and experience in the utilisation of sophisticated eCommerce techniques in order to help businesses trading online to optimise their Internet-based market channel, thereby optimising their “Customer Experience”. Our Services Division has particular expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and eMarketing, built around a cutting-edge competence in the emerging science of Web Analytics.

Our Business Services

Web Analytics Limited Omniscient Eye

Web Analytics Limited

Founded in 2007, Web Analytics Limited has broad experience in making websites commercially successful. Specialising in the emerging science of Web Analytics, we also provide Web Design, eCommerce and Search Engine Optimisation to clients throughout Europe.

We provide businesses with the wherewithal to ensure that their websites actually fulfil their intended objectives. Our friendly, expert staff help clients to make a success of their online presence; the service is designed to be cost effective every time.

Web Analytics Limited has an expanding network of clients, located throughout Europe, including a wide variety of Small, Medium and Large enterprises.

The Pretty Perfect Group was a Founder Member of the prestigious Web Analytics Institute, an organisation with which it remains closely associated.

Please visit Web Analytics Limited for more information.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss any projects that you may have in mind or simply to get some independent advice on the topics that we have expertise in.